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Let’s do this together

by Alex Welch

on 14th April 2020

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Sticking together through the COVID-19 outbreak

We’re all doing our bit by staying at home. For some of us it’s a bigger change than for others but we all know that as much as we can, it’s the right thing to be doing to protect one another and, of course, our heroes on the front line.

As with many of you, we have also had to take measures to protect our business. This means that some our lovely team are at home with a bit more time on their hands whilst we ride this uncertainty. But that doesn’t mean we’re not connected.

We’ve discovered many ways to stick together, starting with a few quizzes and moving on to Bingo last week!!!

We have always loved working hard and playing together and we’re determined to keep our community connected through these scary times.

We’ll continue to share some of the things that are keeping us sane and together over the next few weeks.

What’s keeping you all together? We love hearing your stories and if we can borrow from one another through all of this, even better. Drop us a line


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