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Alice Threadgold

Charity Account Manager & Aspiring Mike Tyson

Dry wit and edgy banter make Alice a hit, both in the office and with her clients. At the tender age of 27, she’s already travelled the world and lived and worked in London. The extroverted socialite is a keen cook, and enjoys making a true difference to great causes as part of the Bluestep team. Joining Bluestep in early 2016, armed with bags of wisdom and experience, she’s established herself as one of our leading charity account managers.

Although she’s a big softie at heart, Alice loves a bit of boxing to combat any stress or negative energy. She also enjoys interior design, skiing and cheese.

Alice is driven by the prospect of making a true difference with the work she does, supporting some of the UK’s most significant charities including Alzheimer’s Research UK, Crohns and Colitis UK and Sue Ryder.

Seeing our hard work going to a great cause and making a difference is the best part of the job.