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Aron Marriott-Smith

Digital Lead & Bluestep's Bouncer

Aron is our fully-fledged web designer, working in the front and back end to design, create and build websites and software that exceed our clients’ expectations!

After running his own business, Aron missed the creative working environment and having that day-in day-out inspiration from colleagues. Coming to Bluestep has excited him after seeing its potential and the rapid rate at which it is flourishing. As a true design advocate, Aron believes that it’s about more than just how things look but rather, how things work – a principle applied in everything he produces. We have faith that Aron’s approach is going to do good things for our clients and their objectives, and can’t wait to see more of his work.

Aron prides himself on sharing traits with Einstein, such as buying two of everything he likes. The logic here being more time to create, and less time spent deciding what to wear! Aron is also fascinated by the sheer vastness of the World Wide Web and how quickly it is becoming the pinnacle of everything we share and do.

When not tapping away at his keyboard, Aron is either teaching himself some tunes on the Ukulele, having a beer with friends, or enjoying the great outdoors.

In a team of awesome, inspiring and creative people, I can learn so much, and hopefully pass on my knowledge and skills to help others learn new things.