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Bryony Barratt

Account Manager & Lobster Lover

Where do we start? It just feels like Bryony was destined for Bluestep! After studying Illustration and Graphic Design at University, Bryony decided that she wanted to work in a more client-facing role and therefore Account Management in a creative agency environment was the vision.

Plus, with a family predominantly working in the charity sector, Bryony was drawn to Bluestep thanks to our work with so many fabulous charities.

Bryony is a total animal-lover, favouring cows, pigs and…lobsters! In fact, her lottery dream would be to buy a big farm and fill it with old and retired animals so they could live out their last days in peace. She sees herself as becoming an eccentric old lady with a herd of farmyard creatures following her around.

Naturally, Bryony loves cooking veggie food and is a bit of a home bod, enjoying holidays on England’s south coast. Having lived in Plymouth, she enjoys heading back to Devon and Cornwall whenever she gets the chance.

In Bryony’s first week, we celebrated three birthdays with cake and donuts so she got off to a pretty sweet start! Since then she’s enjoyed everyone’s welcoming nature and getting to know her clients, finding out how Bluestep is helping them to solve their creative problems.

I reckon I’m a good fit for Bluestep because I like to chat and drink tea. And I care about good causes!