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Carl Lewis

Motion Graphic Designer and Lyrical Genius

Since our clients’ interest in animation design and video marketing has expanded, we brought in Carl to tackle the demand head on. His flair for rhythm and creativity mean his skillsets complement the diverse range of talents in the Bluestep design studio, contributing to the growth and knowledge of our expanding team.

Carl has been working in sound engineering and motion graphics for over ten years, and with a super-bubbly personality he never fails to rev up morale and boost client’s excitement!

Adventurous Carl is rarely seen without his headphones, and aside from being a talented creative, he also performs in two bands and shoots music videos. His relationship with the music industry takes up a lot of his spare time and most weekends he can be found gigging or behind the camera.

This is a company that genuinely want to help people and raise awareness about topics that matter, and always in a unique and creative way. I like that!