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Janos Geczi

Warehouse Manager & Checkmate Champion

Over the years Bluestep has grown from a small team of 5 to a strong team of nearly 30, and there’s no sign of stopping!

When the team was rapidly expanding and our orders were becoming larger than we could handle, we were on the hunt for an expert Warehouse Manager to get our warehouse in tip-top shape.

That’s when Janos came to save the day. He swooped in and organised our warehouse into the powerhouse it is today, seeing millions of orders passing through it every year. And with the sheer volume of orders coming through our doors, we needed someone with vigorous organisational skills and a proactive approach to ensure every order is processed and distributed without error.

When Janos isn’t processing orders and clocking up delivery air miles, you can find him getting his head stuck in a game of chess – a game that requires top strategy and calculations skills, skills that hand themselves well to his career at Bluestep.

Janos also heads back to Hungary once a year to wind down and spend some much-needed time with his family and friends.

At Bluestep you truly feel part of a team and there is an incredible amount of pride to be had knowing that we are working with and supporting some amazing clients.