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Margaret Barrett

Accounts Payable & Elite Mathlete

Where would we be without our loveable bookkeeper? Probably not where we are now, that’s for sure!

Margaret is a whizz with numbers and gets her daily kicks out of balancing our books (when it doesn’t involve the printer!) and keeping the team in check. Margaret offers the team bags of worldly wisdom, and the fact that she’s (quote) “older than all of us” means she can quickly help to solve any issues at the drop of a hat.

54 years ago, Margaret took up a job as a Ledger Clerk and has devoted her working life to it ever since. Reluctant to retire to the quieter life, Margaret revels in the fast-paced and active atmosphere of Bluestep, and is constantly astounded at the rate it’s growing and succeeding.

Spending much of her spare time with her expanding family, including her many grandchildren, Margaret is also a keen traveller and lover of the odd glass of wine.

I get everything I want out of my job and that’s why I love it. It’s also astonishing to watch the team growing so quickly.