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Max Goodliffe

Senior Account Manager and Dinner Party Host with the Most!

Max joined Bluestep as an Account Manager in order to help clients with a whole host of different international marketing projects: from branding to print, to broadcast to digital.

With a degree in Marketing under his belt, Max was lured into the industry by a friend at a London agency. There, he discovered a passion and talent for helping businesses stand out in a very crowded marketplace using clever design and marketing principles.

Outside of Bluestep, Max has a number of interests including cars, gardening and he’s partial to a bit of a home décor project. He’s also a Come Dine With Me candidate-in-the-making as he loves hosting dinner parties for friends. (We’re always happy to sample some of your food, Max!)

And if you think you recognise Max you may be correct as he once featured in a Róisín Murphy music video (well, the back of his head did!).

As well as being a super proactive type with a ‘can do’ attitude, Max is all about having fun in his career too which is what makes him fit like a glove at Bluestep.

Ultimately, I want to help people achieve their goals. Everyone operates in their own crowded marketplace and helping people stand out brings great satisfaction.