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We’re proud to have become lead sponsors for the 2022 Bluestep Charity Softball League. Described as the BEST SEASON EVER, it’s fair to say we smashed it out of the park! 

After a fun 6 years of sponsoring the league, it was about time we stepped up as lead sponsors and turned things up a gear.

Our first plan of attack was a mini re-brand including a new logo, incorporating bold graphics and explosive colours! The new brand was applied across a range of merch, social assets and the league website. 

Our studio then designed completely bespoke jerseys for all 57 teams as well as a sweatband, tote bag & water bottle for each participant.  

A summer of softball later, came the best part for our Bluesteppers, finals day! We travelled down on a scorching hot day in August to Hyde Park, to witness the final matches.  

Two gazebo’s in tow, we setup to serve food & drinks as well as carnival themed mini-games such as hook a duck, spin the wheel and bean bag toss (all with prizes of course)! 

1500 people turned up on the day and players were on top form! Eating food, drinking copious amounts, winning prizes and of course watching the softball. 

It was an absolute blast. Seeing our event visions come to life was just incredible. Even better, we got to spend the day with some of our amazing charity partners! 

Congratulations to everyone who participated, with a special shout to the winners: Cancer Research UK, Independent Age and Versus Arthritis. 

We can’t wait for next year, in what will be the League’s 20th Anniversary. 

Bring it on! 

Providing top level service to our clients is at the heart of everything we do. So when the world shifted to online events and charities turned to virtual fundraising to keep donations coming in, we knew we had to adapt the way we worked in order to keep offering the best possible service.

Check out our video below as Ben Skinner goes behind the scenes at Bluestep’s warehouse to show you how things have changed.

Virtual Fundraising Takes Off

Despite being unable to go ahead with real-life events, charities were quick to think of alternative approaches. Enter virtual fundraising events! From baking online, to virtual quizzes, to online gaming fundraisers, we saw a huge increase in the demand for virtual fundraising events.

Whilst this was an exciting time, we understood that it would pose some challenges to those responsible for organising the events. With most people working from home, storing vast quantities of merchandise and getting it into the hands of supporters, was a real pain point for most of our clients.

Free storage and pick, pack and dispatch

We began offering free storage in our warehouse, so that the busy bees arranging the events wouldn’t have to worry about where to keep their t-shirts and doggy bandanas! It would all be safely tucked away ready to be shipped to their supporters at a moment’s notice.

Our pick, pack and dispatch service was also extremely valuable, as we offered the ability to distribute products anywhere in the world, at the click of a button. So whenever a new supporter signed up for an event, the Bluestep bunch got to work behind the scenes, to pick out their merchandise, pack it up safely and dispatch it to that very supporter in an instant.

As well as diversifying our range of merchandise to suit virtual fundraising events, we have provided support with the practicalities and logistics of storing and delivering it, allowing charities to carry on doing what they do best; raising money for all their incredible causes.

If you need any support with your virtual fundraising event then drop us a line or give us a call. We’d love to help!


The sun was shining, the players were buzzing and the cider was flowing. What else could it be but the London Charity Softball League finals day?!

Bluestep were thrilled to sponsor this year’s games, which kicked off in May and resulted in a nail-biting final.

Each year, 80 charities take part in the softball games, which are played in Hyde Park, London, to compete for the prestigious Harris Hill Cup. Mind were the overall charity winners of the 2019 Cup, with The Foodfighters (Fair Share UK and ACF UK) winning the Bluestep Shield and Business in the Community winning the Harris Hill Plate. Well done guys!

It’s been a summer of trash talk, Twitter .gifs and Love Island giveaways and, most of all, laughs. Bluestep’s Charity Account Manager, Kendra Daly says “Each year we sponsor this awesome event and each year it’s all about having some fun with our fab charity clients.

It’s so nice be able to facilitate the event as we can be part of all the banter and camaraderie which is so important for everyone working in the charity sector.”

Bluestep sponsored the food and various competitions throughout the season as well as filming finals day so that the video can be used as a memento for all participants and hopefully it’ll build the buzz for teams next year! #PlayBall!