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How did we get to find such an awesome group of people? Well, like attracts like, right?

Ben Skinner

Ben Skinner Managing Director

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson Director

Harry Warwick

Harry Warwick Senior Account Manager

Hayley Down

Hayley Down Charity Account Director

Carlene Macfarlane

Carlene Macfarlane Office Manager | Directors' PA

Margaret Barrett

Margaret Barrett Finance

Janos Geczi

Janos Geczi Warehouse Manager

Sarann Buckby

Sarann Buckby Charity Account Manager

We champion everyone’s strengths at Bluestep and we don’t always do things by the book. There have been instances where roles have been created to suit an individual passion or career path. In turn, this has created the loyal, passionate and solid work force we know and love.

Alice Goddard

Alice Goddard Charity Account Manager

Matt Hayes

Matt Hayes Charity Account Manager

Kendra Daly

Kendra Daly Charity Account Manager

Marlon Walters Charity Account Manager

Kate Rowe

Kate Rowe Charity Account Manager

Jamie Pedlar

Jamie Pedlar Sexual Health Account Manager

Driven? Creative? Passionate? Look great in a black and white shot? The door is always open to new Bluesteppers. All we ask is you have creative vision, inspired talent, and a great sense of humour.

Gabriella Closs Corporate Account Manager

Olivia Smith

Olivia Smith Creative Account Manager

Claudia Carr

Claudia Carr Digital Account Manager

Hannah Devoy Account Manager

Charlotte Stevenson Marketing Manager

Becca Tyler

Becca Tyler Head of Design

Harley Jacquest

Harley Jacquest Senior Designer

Andrew Bremmler

Andrew Bremmler Graphic Designer

Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis Motion Graphic Designer

Ryan Curran Designer

Alex Welch

Alex Welch Front End Web Developer

Our recruitment process is simple, but effective. If you are driven, creative, passionate about achieving results, and can bake a decent cake, you’re halfway there! It’s not always about a piece of paper, but the person behind it.

Aron Marriott-Smith

Aron Marriott-Smith Digital Lead

Want to join this awesome lot?

Genuine, hardworking and enthusiastic people bode well here. If you fit the bill, we want to hear from you!