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Ben Skinner

Managing Director, Tractor Spotting Enthusiast, Avid Collector of Toy Tractors & Wannabe Farmer

Quite simply, there would be no Bluestep without him. Ben Skinner had a vision of building a team that was dedicated to thinking creatively 24/7 and his dreams have manifested in the form of a team he can trust …as well as have a lot of fun with.

A cast iron work ethic and ‘failure is not an option’ attitude saw him succeed in developing both a business and team he can depend on to flourish. Bluestep’s rapid success keeps Ben on his toes and allows him to channel his addictive personality to always learn, always grow and always succeed.

After studying Product Design at University, Ben had big ambitions and set out to make a difference in the healthcare industry. Starting off by supplying funky pants to UK sexual health departments (more on that later…), Bluestep grew itself from a one-man band to the 25+ team it is today.

Another part-time farmer, Ben’s hobbies include helping out on the family farm, playing football, and revamping his wardrobe – courtesy of Ted Baker.

What stands out most for MD Ben, is the friendly, family vibe his team bring to his daily working life. Ben has a talent for seeing the potential in people and dedicating himself to developing them, which he can credit for his low staff turnover and loyal Bluestep following.

I guess you could call it addiction. Addiction in wanting to succeed. Addiction in building a first-class brand.