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Harley Jacquest

Creative Lead & Master of Make-up

From a generation of creatives, designing is in Harley’s blood, and it’s pretty obvious that it comes naturally to her. As an extremely valued member of our design team here at Bluestep, Harley joined us with several years’ experience working with some big global names and an impressive portfolio.

An effortless flair for everything artistic shines through in everything she applies herself to, as she carries this passion through every aspect of her life.

Family-orientated Harley can be found channelling any extra energy into her little girl, Millie, who she’s currently teaching to swim (another challenge in itself!), and spending time with her family. Her love of make-up and reading has seen her build up an enviable collection of quirky make up palettes and magazines, (stacks and stacks of them!) and she’s also an avid stamp collector!

Fun fact about Harley – she once had an over-protective pet goose that would viciously peck anyone who came within two feet of her. Sadly, he was involved in a clash with a certain Mr. Fox a few years later…

R.I.P. Mr. Goose!

I love the process of transformation and creation, it’s great to see something develop from one thing into another and being able to make the best of something.