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Was it a profound moment of mental clarity that led our MD to choose this almost household name, or an unprecedented set of circumstances that led fate to make the decision for him? The name’s even been adapted these days to affectionately refer to our colleagues as our trusty Bluesteppers.
So how did Ben come up with the name, Bluestep?

Take our multiple-choice quiz and test your Bluestep knowledge...

A. The business was actually first registered under the name ‘Skindawg Cooperations’, but after business took off and the team moved into a converted barn office (painted bright blue), they decided to give the business a reputable and professional name and came up with Bluestep.

B. Our MD Ben has a wardrobe to rival Steve Jobs’. Every morning, he decides whether to wear his blue chinos, his pale blue chinos or his mid-blue chinos. For special occasions, he has a pair of dark blue chinos. Usually, he settles on a nice pair of blue chinos and a white shirt. It only seemed right that with the number of steps taken wearing blue chinos, the business should be rightly called Bluestep.

C. After dressing up as smurfs to compete in a charity sporting event, Harry and Ben checked their Fitbits the next day and realised they had taken a combined 54,798 steps over the weekend: the equivalent of a marathon. They soon took on the nickname ‘the Bluesteppers’ and after working together closely before business took off, made the combined decision to name the business Bluestep.

D.‘Blue’ – calming, reassuring, steady, reliable. ‘Step’ – progress, moving up, moving forward, growth. Ben combined the two words to create Bluestep as he felt the meaning behind it illustrated his thoughts about how he wanted to portray his business. BS also happens to be his initials!

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We’re struggling to keep up with how fast Bluestep is growing at the moment. From new starters, and new clients, to a second office in London – safe to say it’s been a big year for us.
The growth of the business has naturally impacted all of our sectors and we’re seeing each section of the business really come into its own.

At the start of every year, we tend to meticulously plan every last detail down to how many ink cartridges we plan to use! Although we never could’ve predicted the growth we have seen this year… and after we ran away with ourselves recruiting, we had nowhere to seat everyone, doh!

Working with what we’ve got, we’ve turned the office pretty much upside down to utilise every last corner and wall, but when we heard our neighbours next door were moving onto pastures new, we jumped at the opportunity to extend our office further into this beautiful location!

Ideas are already flying around about how the new space will look, but it will all start with knocking the design studio wall through to next door, introducing a whole new office – this is where the charity team will be based. We will then introduce additional meeting rooms, and utilise the rest of the ground floor to create our brand new design studio – complete with breakout areas, bean bags and other quirky add-ons to increase creative stimulation and flow.

Anyone who knows us will be well aware of how much we pride ourselves on our beautiful, countryside location down at Blisworth Hill Farm, so when we heard the equally picturesque Stone Barn – adjacent to our existing office – was up for grabs, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to embed ourselves further into this perfect location. Call it wishful thinking, but we are hoping to have the work complete by Christmas!

Keep an eye on our blogs for more updates and progress pictures.

Don’t panic – our lovely, scenic Northamptonshire office will still be here, but following recent expansion of the company and our evolving client base, we noticed a need for a London presence.

Bluestep will be branching out with a London premise, allowing us to recruit some fabulous new people and making it easier for our London based clients to meet up for coffee, lunch, cake or of course, to discuss exciting projects! Anyone who has worked with Bluestep knows we do whatever it takes to suit our clients’ needs and be as available and efficient as possible – it’s also a big plus that we’re going to be located in the middle of London business hot spot, Bank.

Our new space will be our third UK premises, which is pretty exciting considering Bluestep began at kitchen table (but let’s save that for another blog article!).

We’re so excited at how quickly things are growing and moving at Bluestep and the exciting new clients we are working with. This is a sure sign of big things yet to come.

We’ll be in from 1st Oct so if you fancy meeting up for cake and catch up get in touch and we’ll be happy to give you the grand tour!