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Ways we fight the Bluestep blues

by Bluestep Solutions

on 21st September 2017

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We've been saying goodbye to the blues with our new Secret Buddy system!

Thanks to our wonderful new Office Manager, Carlene, our Bluesteppers have been beating the office blues with the much-beloved introduction of her new Secret Buddy system.

So, each month we get all the employees to fill out a questionnaire with questions like ‘what songs do you have memorised?’ and ‘what do you wish you knew more about?’ plus a few others like your favourite food and drinks. We then pick a name from a box and the person we choose is our secret buddy for the month.

Nobody knows who has each other. The idea is that we can get to know our secret buddy that little bit better and brighten up their day with little gifts and thoughtful surprises throughout the month.

Then come next month, we do it all over again with a different secret buddy. It’s the little things!

Secret Buddies is just one of the many ways we try and boost employee happiness in the office; we’re also partial to an office bake-off. Eat your heart out Mary Berry.

Here are just a few of the surprises we’ve had so far…

An image of Shanice from Bluestep holding a box of gin
An image showing a wooden box filled with a mini gin set
Here’s Shanice looking pretty pleased with her new mini gin set!

An image showing a football-themed gnome
Andrew was ungnomingly left a football-themed gnome at his desk when we distracted him away from it. Sorry for the pun. Couldn’t resist.

An image showing snacks and a picture of the Kardashians
We can barely recognise Tom as he fits in so perfectly with the Kardashian clan. Although, not for much longer once he finishes off this haul.

An image showing a notebook and phonecase with the Louie Prints logo
Becca was left with a phone case and notebook with the logo she’s using for her new stationery business.

An image showing a jar of olives, harbal tea and a birthday card for Sarah's birthday
Olives, herbal tea and a tearible dad joke for Sarah’s birthday.

An image showing a brandy pic and the words 'Sunshine' typed out
Carl’s 2 favourite things! “Sunshine” and a brandy lemonade! It is England after all…

An image showing a ukelele
Chris’ love for music saw him walk into the office on Monday morning to a brand new Ukelele! Best secret buddy ever?! We’re patiently waiting for a Bluestep jingle.

These were just some of the secret buddy gifts from August and September. It’s like secret Santa, but without the wrapping paper. Stick around for our next secret buddy blog to see what everyone has hiding up their sleeves for October!

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