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Blue Cross, in the name of pets!

by Bluestep Solutions

on 5th May 2017

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Dedicated pet lovers across the country unite for the #MyPetMadeMe movement!

Whether it’s fine-dining on all fours, bathing in jelly beans, or glugging cabbage smoothies, it’s clear the UK’s animal lovers will stop at nothing to raise vital funds for their friends in need.

Be it homeless, injured or abandoned pets, Blue Cross are here to help nurture pets back to good health. And their friendly, warm and comedic brand presence could not be truer.

The mass participation event saw pets and their lovable owners (😊) club together to raise funds AND awareness in a crowded fundraising market. We needed to communicate the campaign’s objectives effectively across relevant platforms, generating noise and excitement around the events.

The savvy Blue Cross team were a pleasure to work with, approaching Bluestep with a concept and a vision. They required all creative components to get the campaign off the ground, including logo and visual identity to slogan and copywriting.

To involve pets of all shapes and sizes, the campaign sees pets choose their owners’ fate, in a fantastic fundraising format that lets pets choose their fate.

The #MyPetMadeMe hashtag is dominating social media feeds across the fundraising community, with snaps and videos of questionable yet comedic content (think CEOs in tiger onesies. Check it out and get involved at: and remember, YOUR SHAME. THEIR GAIN.

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