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John Lewis Ad 2016

by Bluestep Solutions

on 10th November 2016

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A sentimental storyline, an iconic soundtrack and a loveable furry friend …it’s the Nation’s sign that Christmas is officially on its way. As the hotly anticipated seasonal masterpiece went live this morning, the Bluesteppers congregated in the meeting room over mince pies and crackers to enjoy a premier of the ad together. #BustertheBoxer had us all entranced as we watched intently, and as with every other UK creative agency, wished it was us who made the ad!

As a bunch of big kids (and looking for any excuse to eat mince pies), we saw the release of the video as the perfect excuse to hold our own Christmas launch party, and we’re now on the official countdown to Christmas 2016!

And if you haven’t already seen/heard/read enough about the ad yet, we’ve put together a list of five fun facts about the John Lewis Christmas ad for you!

  1. The ad was actually filmed back in July this year, the after effects and post-production was only signed off this week. #cuttingitfine
  2. The total cost of the John Lewis Christmas campaign is £7million, including production and TV slots. Yikes!
  3. The little girl in the ad (Summer, aged 6) is going to have her very own trampoline delivered today as gift from John Lewis.
  4. Viewers are taking to social media to express their concern and confusion over the fact the little girl’s dad is building the trampoline in the garden, and not Santa Claus!
  5. John Lewis have vowed to make a donation to The Wildlife Trusts from the sale of toys of the characters which feature in the advert.

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