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Lazy Cat, Crazy Cat Campaign

by Bluestep Solutions

on 9th August 2017

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Blue Cross are back at it again with their latest fundraising campaign Lazy Cat Crazy Cat!

We’re always up for a laugh and never turn down the chance to help out our fellow charity partners with their latest and craziest campaigns (just see their #MyPetMadeMe), and their Lazy Cat/Crazy Cat fundraiser is no exception.

With a similar idea to the ice bucket challenge, Blue Cross have created another wild campaign, introducing Lazy Cat/Crazy Cat! For the next week, Blue Cross are asking all pet lovers to help them raise money for homeless and injured pets by imitating the nations favourite felines – cats.

Ask yourself – are you a lazy cat or a crazy cat? Do you love an afternoon nap or are you the type that has far too many coffees and is buzzing through the office all day? Head over to their site and take their hair-larious quiz to see which cat you are.

Once you’re ready, draw some whiskers on or don your finest cat couture if you’re feeling brave, whichever you prefer.

If you’re a crazy cat, you must film yourself for one-minute finding three hidden items, and if you’re a lazy cat you must snap yourself snoozing in an unusual place – think on a window ledge, in a box etc. Then simply post your video or photo across your social media pages and donate £3 to Blue Cross and nominate three other people to take part!

You only have until August 12 to take part, so grab some cat ears and get filming!

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