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How Social Media Can Boost Sexual Health Campaigns

by Bluestep Solutions

on 23rd January 2019

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Social media can do wonders for marketing in general, but we've also seen a rise in the number of Sexual Health Services that are now turning to social media to boost their marketing efforts. Keeping your ROI healthy and targeting specific audiences are just some of the ways in which it can do wonders for your organisation.


Whether it’s bespoke emoticon campaigns or simply co-ordinating some Facebook posts, there are a number of ways in which Sexual Health services are getting in on the social media frenzy to boost marketing efforts. Here are just a few:

Get Your Audience Spot On
Social media advertising allows you to choose exactly who sees your ad, meaning you only pay for getting in front of the people you want. Sexual Health Services usually have a specific demographic in mind for marketing campaigns and have a set budget, so social media is an ideal solution. From age range and location, to interests and shopping behaviours, there are many ways in which you can home in on your ideal target audience.

It’s Cost Effective
Social media efforts are a cost-effective addition to your marketing strategy. It’s free to create an account, and requires little investment compared to other marketing tactics available to you. Given that Sexual Health Services often have little budget to blow on advertising, this enables you to see a greater return on your investments and to make the best use of your budgets.

Prove You’re Getting Your Money’s Worth
Track, track, track! We know that the money-holders always need to see exactly how money is being spent and what benefit it is having and with social, you’re able to track everything. Whether your budget is £50 or £5,000, you can monitor and manage exactly where each penny is going, and what you’re getting in return. From paid campaigns to posts in your feed, social media platforms allow you to see reach, engagement, click through rate, conversions and video specific such as views. This enables for constant tracking and optimisation, as well as tangible results to create even better content in the future!

Don’t just take our word for it!

If you’re looking for proof that social media is the way forward, here’s an overview of a really successful campaign we ran for Lancashire CaSH NHS Foundation Trust:

The Trust approached us to create and implement a series of advertising campaigns across their Facebook page. Their objective was to drive traffic to the CaSH website, with the aim of increasing the uptake 18-25-year olds booking an STI test across the four regions of Lancashire.

To do this, we created a series of fun, eye-catching adverts with a clear CTA that would resonate with the target audience.

As a result, we achieved a reach of over 1 million, thousands of clicks to the landing page and an average cost per click of £0.51.

From Snapchat advertising campaigns to managing your Facebook posts, or if you just need a social media health check,  the Bluestep team are here to help! Give us a call or pop us an email and we’ll have a think about how social media could best serve you.

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