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Stay Well This Winter

by Bluestep Solutions

on 2nd September 2016

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You may have heard of the campaign. It’s one of the largest healthcare promotions that happens during the colder months and it’s all centred around ways to stay healthy and fight off those nasty colds we all try to keep clear of.

The healthcare team have been pretty fortunate in having had the chance to deliver some fantastic awareness projects for the Stay Well This Winter campaign. We’ve been shouting far and wide, up and down the U.K, running digital promos and giving away lots of goodies to encourage people to find out how they can stay healthy when the temperature gauge plunges.

We’ve pulled together a little snapshot into the projects we’ve delivered, take a look…
Last year we teamed up CCGs to cover cities and towns with our public engagement sessions. The outreach team were dotted all over, here and there to reach out to as many people as possible. We stood in cold and windy tube stations at rush hour, we went to supermarkets during the peak Christmas shopping madness, we even went into work places telling people why they should get their flu vaccines. Over the course of a few months we went to more than 170 venues, spoke to 1000s of people and collected some very valuable info that’ll help with campaigns to come. So, you could say the project was a success!

We’ve also delivered a few digital promo campaigns for Stay Well too. A London based CCG wanted to tell people, borough wide about how they can get their flu jabs. We set to work, running ads over Google Display and Facebook which clocked up 11,000 plus visits to the Stay Well This Winter website and more than 1.5 million (yes million!) people saw the ads. Pretty impressive ey?!
With these kinds of results, it’s easy to see why more businesses than ever are choosing to go digital and communicate online.

Winter 2016 is around the corner; we’re dosing up on our vitamins and digging out our thermals to gear up for some more Stay Well This Winter public engagement events. We’ll be on our travels, heading up north to Walsall, Rugby and Coventry to talk about ways you can stay fit and healthy when it’s baltic outside! So if you’re local to these areas and see the team, make sure to stop and say hi (the team are a very friendly bunch).

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