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The sun was shining, the players were buzzing and the cider was flowing. What else could it be but the London Charity Softball League finals day?!

Bluestep were thrilled to sponsor this year’s games, which kicked off in May and resulted in a nail-biting final.

Each year, 80 charities take part in the softball games, which are played in Hyde Park, London, to compete for the prestigious Harris Hill Cup. Mind were the overall charity winners of the 2019 Cup, with The Foodfighters (Fair Share UK and ACF UK) winning the Bluestep Shield and Business in the Community winning the Harris Hill Plate. Well done guys!

It’s been a summer of trash talk, Twitter .gifs and Love Island giveaways and, most of all, laughs. Bluestep’s Charity Account Manager, Kendra Daly says “Each year we sponsor this awesome event and each year it’s all about having some fun with our fab charity clients.

It’s so nice be able to facilitate the event as we can be part of all the banter and camaraderie which is so important for everyone working in the charity sector.”

Bluestep sponsored the food and various competitions throughout the season as well as filming finals day so that the video can be used as a memento for all participants and hopefully it’ll build the buzz for teams next year! #PlayBall!

May has arrived! We are inching closer to summer, the GDPR deadline is looming, but for Senior Designer Becca, it also brings a month of running.

Across the next 31 days, Becca and two others will be running 110 miles to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Research Centre.

We thought we would sit down with Becca to see how she is getting on so far, and why she chose to do such a great thing for charity.


Who is running alongside you this month?
My boyfriend and his sister.


Why this particular charity?
It is a cause close to all our hearts. My boyfriend and his sister lost their father three years ago. We are doing it in memory of him and to help support other men and their friends and family who also suffer a diagnosis of Prostate Cancer. We would like to help support research in this area so perhaps at least one less family loses a loved one.


How have you been prepping for your run?
I haven’t really prepped … I did a couple of half marathons last year and have done a few runs since but that is about it! I think I underestimated the mileage!


How many miles?!
110 miles in 31 days. Every year 11,000 men in the UK die because of Prostate Cancer and so we decided to run 110 miles. Because of our daily commitments, we decided to split the mileage between us. 36.6 each. 1.2 miles a day.


How do you keep motivated when you’re out running?
A good Spotify playlist! And finding downhill routes!! The reason for running is always at the forefront of my mind. When I feel like I want to stop or I struggle to put my trainers on in the morning, I remind myself who I am doing it for and all the kind donations we have received already!


How do you relax post run?
A good bath and bath bomb!


How are you planning to celebrate when you’ve finished?
I can’t wait to tell PCRC how much we have raised! I might give up running for a month too …


Do you have a favourite running playlist?
There are a couple of Spotify ones. ‘Every UK Number One: 2018’ and ‘Feel Good Friday’ … you should check them out!


Would you rather run a mile in heels or run 10 barefoot?
100% barefoot! I can’t walk 110 yards without my feet hurting in heels.


Where can people sponsor you?
You can sponsor us here. Please donate if you can. Every donation helps us towards the achievable target we have set.

All three of us seriously urge any male aged 40 or over to go and get checked! If that is your donation to the cause, then that is enough for us!

Here’s to the rest of May!

Keep your eyes for Becca’s progress updates here on the blog and over on our social media!

Say hello to Sarah and Matt. More new starters here at Bluestep this month. It’s getting a bit cosy up here in the accounts team, but we can’t complain with these lovely new faces!

Meet Matt

Matt hayes
Our budding charity department were on the lookout for a fresh, energetic and motivated addition to the team and after meeting with us just once, Matt was quickly snapped up to fill the role! Matt showed us he’s a perfect fit for Bluestep with his friendly and outgoing personality, and history in sales and the CST service.

Sporty Matt spent his Uni days studying Sports Psychology at Leeds Met, and the Chelsea supporter enjoys his footy, betting and dogs. We think the other lads will be extremely glad of the change in conversation, in what has always been our ‘female dominated’ sector!


Meet Sarah

Sarah kilgannon
With our Outdoor and Education sector taking off, we were crying out for a talented account manager to come on board and help juggle the mountains of orders, client relationship and business growth. Sarah was the perfect candidate after showing us her effervescent personality, natural people skills and experience in retail and brand development.

Super talented Sarah began her career path seeking bright lights and fame in London studying Musical Theatre, and although she’s reluctant to show us, she’s actually a pretty good singer! (Karaoke for this year’s team building activity?) After chasing the Beyonce dream she was soon snapped back down to earth when she found love in Northampton and is now a proud Mum, wife and trusty Bluestepper!