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What to Do, When to Worry

Tower Hamlets Together | Care Confident

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Creating An Awareness Campaign

Last year we helped Tower Hamlets Together develop their new branding. Based on this and the great relationship we built, we were delighted to be awarded their most recent awareness campaign.

Tower Hamlets Together needed to target the diverse parenting community offering them important information regarding common childhood illnesses and nutrition.

Approached with the brief, and after many brain storming sessions, Bluestep created the campaign name ‘Care Confident’ along with the supporting tagline ‘what to do, when to worry’.

Care Confident Logo
Care Confident Logos

Following this, we created the campaign logo and style based upon the existing Tower Hamlets Together branding. We also designed additional characters and supporting illustrations to be used throughout the campaign to support the message, reflecting the varying cultures within the audience.

The campaign literature consisted of a ‘guide to common illnesses’ booklet. This was designed to clearly indicate what level of care a child would require in a simple and approachable way.

Other project components included posters, business cards and a website to ensure the resources were accessible digitally and offer further support to parents and carers.

Care Confident Booklet 1
Care Confident Booklet 2
Care Confident Booklet 3
Care Confident Booklet 4
Care Confident Props

We were commissioned to create an animation for each common illness - with its own specific story, family and outcome. This was a great way to both engage and inform the audience quickly on what to do for each illness, and where to go for more information.

You can watch each animation here on the Care Confident landing page.

Care Confident Poster
Care Confident Characters