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Maketime - Wirral Council

It’s not just the stress of daily life, but issues such as mental health, isolation, loneliness and disability can affect the well-being of so many ordinary people.

Wirral Council were looking to run a large-scale campaign that would speak to the general population of nine boroughs across the UK, encouraging them to take care of their health and wellbeing.

maketime branding
Maketime Billboard Design

The concept ‘Make Time’ was created to encourage individuals to action the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’, and make a positive change in their everyday lives. The campaign was centred around Learning, Being Active, Noticing, Giving and Connecting.

Bluestep drew up the campaign vision from initial scamps, planning and executing a photoshoot that would become the foundation for the creative. Everything was supported with the tagline: ‘When was the last time?’ including a series of imagery that represented each of the ‘Five Ways’.

Maketime Billboard Design
drawings of make time poster ideas

The council were looking to communicate the message in a way that was positive, simple and achievable for all demographics, avoiding terms such as ‘mental health’ and focusing on early intervention.

Maketime Billboard Design
Make time computer mock ups

A brand identity was created to visually promote the campaign including logo, website, large format print, petrol pump advertising, local press and more…

To learn more about the campaign visit:
Make Time