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Our Pick of the Best Charity Fundraising Incentives

by Bluestep Solutions

on 18th February 2021

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With virtual fundraising set to stay the norm for a bit longer, charities are using branded merchandise more than ever as part of their fundraising strategy. As well as enticing supporters to sign up for an event, merchandise can be used to incentivise different levels of fundraising or to send to participants as a 'thank you' for taking part!

When looking at how to use merchandise to support your fundraising event, you'll need to consider things like budget and ease of distribution, but here's our round-up of some of the best ideas out there:

1. £1 Trolley Keyrings

Ever found yourself overloading your basket because you didn’t have £1 for the trolley? We bet most people have! That’s why these keyrings are a game changer. Not only are they incredibly useful, but your brand will be a regular reminder to your supporters after the event too. How’s that for cost effectiveness?!

2. Face Coverings

Everyone needs one at the moment, so face coverings are an easy win. Plus, they can spread awareness of your charity when your supporters are wearing them too.

3. Pin badges

Lightweight, small and durable, pin badges are a great choice for bulk buying. With so many different varieties, you can definitely find something to suit your budget.

4. Cotton Shoppers

Most cotton shoppers have a good quality feel to them and given that they’re a replacement for plastic bags, they’re perfect for eco-conscious charities and supporters.

5. Cotton or Tech T-shirts

T-shirts are great for uniting your tribe. Wearing a branded t-shirt can really make someone feel like they’re part of an event, which is useful when real life events are unable to go ahead. Get your supporters tagging you in their event pictures wearing your branded t-shirts to share the love!

6. Water Bottles

Similar to cotton shoppers, these sorts of bottles have a quality and long-lasting feel to them so they’re great if you’re promoting your charity’s commitment to sustainability. Plus, the more reusable bottles there are out there, the less plastic there is and it’s always good to do your bit for the planet.

7. Swimming Caps

Probably more useful if your event involves swimming (!), these caps are another great way of sending your supporters wearable merchandise.

 8. Wooden Medals

Any sort of medal or trophy is a triumphant way of celebrating your supporters’ achievements and saying ‘well done’, but medals tend to be more cost-effective and easier to distribute, whilst still being able to apply your charity’s branding. We reckon people love a medal and often keep them on display for bragging rights.

9. Buffs

Neck buffs can be used as part of any outdoors event, either to protect against the heat or keep warm in the cold. Whether it’s road cycling, mountain biking or even ski-ing, a neck buff will be a useful addition to any participant’s kit.

10. Doggy Bandanas

There’s too much cuteness to even mention with these doggy bandanas! With so much wearable merchandise for humans, it’s only fair that our four-legged friends get in on the action too. And think of all the adorable pictures.

We hope that this has given you a bit of inspiration with what to use for your next charity fundraising event, whether it’s virtual or in-person. We know there’s always lots to think about when you’re planning any sort of event, so if you’d like a bit of extra support from us, we’d love to help. Just drop us a line:

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